Design Only Platter

Sometimes we just want a pretty platter to use or display that doesn't say anything at all. Select from many platter sizes,colors and designs to match your decor, or create a pop of color. Your choice!

  • More About the Product

    A word about the sizes of these platters... <> The 8x14 rectangular platters have many uses and are also large enough for one average store bought challah, but will not hold two. This platter also makes a great tray under the Living Art by Leah freeform menorah or a Chanukah menorah of your choice. <> The 8.5x11 rectangle, about the size of a sheet of paper, is a spacious size for candlesticks and a kiddush cup, or most Chanukah menorahs. It should also hold one store bought challah, but it might be a tight fit. It would be best to check your challah size against a sheet of paper before ordering this size for that purpose. <> The 8x14 curved rectangular platter may not be suitable for your candlesticks as the bottom may not be flat enough. If you would like to use a curved platter for this purpose, please contact me and I will provide more detailed measurements for you. <> Sometimes smaller is large enough ~ The 7x11.5 rectangular tray has many uses, but it is only large enough for a small challah or challah rolls. Do not purchase the 7x11.5 size if you intend to use it to hold a family-sized challah.
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