Shehecheyanu - Grateful Moment in Time Tray
  • Shehecheyanu - Grateful Moment in Time Tray

    The Shehecheyanu Tray is an 8"x14" rectangular tray bordered with the word Shehecheyanu, written in Hebrew and Hebrew transliteration, and the English phrase "Grateful for this Moment in Time" at its center. It is available in your choice of a curved or a flat bottomed tray, both equally able to hold candlesticks, challah, desserts or other foods, or to display. A perfect gift for a special occasion, as well as the perfect piece to bring out to celebrate anniversaries, special birthdays or to mark joyous milestones. Choose from several colors and designs to go with any decor.

    • More About the Product

      The Shehecheyanu prayer is a beautiful prayer of gratitude recited upon the first experience of a holiday, season, or at a joyous event or occasion. We are thankful for the divine spirit that has protected, nurtured and sustained us to reach this new time of joy, togetherness, and celebration.