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Living Art by Leah Purple Garden Party Patchwork Seder Plate
The Leah Collection was made to use in all your family’s holiday celebrations to add beauty to the experience and strengthen your family’s ties to Jewish tradition.

Consider one of our English-only pieces or have a custom phrase painted in the design and size you select. Or provide text to have a piece made in any language!

No Hebrew? No Problem!


Featured this Month!


This month we are featuring special gifts for any person who holds a unique place in your heart - or in someone else's heart! These gifts are perfect for grandparents, friends, and any loved one who holds that incredible title - Mom!


Unique Gifts for Special People


Looking for something beautiful and unique? Sometimes it’s not easy to find the perfect gift, especially for some of the people closest to us.

Consider commissioning a unique gift, like a Family Tree, for a special someone in your life ~ to mark a milestone, for a special birthday or anniversary, or as a truly special holiday gift.


The Holidays are right around the corner


The Jewish calendar is filled with celebration and annual traditions. Living Art by Leah's Holiday Collections make celebrating even more special!

Colorful and functional pieces of art designed to enhance traditional holiday and family celebrations in an inviting and contemporary way.


About Living Art by Leah


Unique Functional Glass Art

Commission a custom piece or choose from a large collection.


Made with a Jewish Flair

Lovingly created out of a desire to honor the beautiful traditions of the Jewish people.


Your Family's Celebrations

Adding beauty to all celebrations of life and family, showcasing our culture and traditions.


Jewish Life & Community

Creating Judaic heirlooms for this generation and the next, l'dor va dor.


Blessings & Prayers


Living Art by Leah celebrates Jewish life and meaningful prayer with unique, colorful, contemporary functional pieces of Judaic art – a modern twist on beloved customs and rituals for comfort and the continuity of our traditions.

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Every piece of Living Art by Leah "Art-ware" starts with an interesting piece of functional clear glass

which is hand painted and calligraphed in reverse to create a finished piece that is

functional, food-safe and beautifully colorful.

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Look here to see featured examples of the Living Art by Leah collection, including one-of-a-kind pieces and the latest work from the studio.

Celebrate Jewish culture and beloved traditions with hand-painted,
Functional art that you can share from generation to generation, l'dor v'dor.

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