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Sweet Traditions Order Form

The Sweet Traditions Cake Plate is a 12" round platter with a story to tell...

Ashkenazi and Sephardic desserts combine to make a sweet border

celebrating and preserving two great cultures of Jewish heritage.

Now you can create your own Sweet Traditions plate!


Custom order your family's favorite recipes to border this wonderful serving plate and honor your family's own Sweet Traditions. Makes a great gift for Mom, Grandma, or any special baker in your life!


Client Information Section

Order Details


Name for Cake Plate


Dessert Border

List your desserts in the order you would like them painted.

Start at the top, at approximately the 12 o'clock position and work your way around clockwise.


I can usually fit 15-18 desserts, depending on name length. If you're unsure what will fit, just list what you want to include here. We will review before I begin anyway and can discuss further.


Color/Design Choice *


Please note: Creating a custom piece may require additional information. Filling out this form begins our collaborative process.
You will be asked via email to review and approve a photo of the writing on the platter

and to confirm your color/design choice before your Sweet Traditions Cake Plate can be completed.

Thanks so much for your order!This will be a 100% custom item and I am looking forward to creating the perfect piece for you. ​No payment is necessary at this time, however a deposit will be required to begin work once we have gone over all the details together. I will get back to you shortly to review and get started.

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