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Apples & Honey

Apples & Honey

Two piece glass set is hand-painted with a collage of apples as a cheerful backdrop to the words Apples & Honey written in black, in both Hebrew and English. The process of reverse painting on the back of the pieces leaves the inner surfaces paint free and food safe. Finished pieces are  baked to a permanent hand washable finish. This delightful set is rendered in three imaginative palettes: Copper Apples, Bright Apples, and Natural Apples. Can be personalized.
The "Copper Apples" palette uses the glowing colors of gold, copper, citrine, and bronze. 
"Bright Apples" is hand-painted in apples cheerfully imagined in a rainbow colored palette.
The "Natural Apples" palette borrows from the gorgeous apple colors as they are found in nature.
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PriceFrom $145.00