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Passover Dipping Set

Passover Dipping Set

Two piece glass set hand-painted for the Passover seder’s two dipping opportunities ~ Celery or parsley into salt water or vinegar and bitter herbs in charoset, but is also the perfect piece to use after the meal for desserts (maybe dried fruits and nuts, or a variety of macaroons?) or throughout the entire week of Passover.

The process of reverse painting on the back of the pieces leaves the inner surfaces paint free and food safe. Finished piece is baked to a permanent hand washable finish. This set comes in three design choices: Burning Bush, Grapes or Blue Floral, but can be custom ordered in most Living Art by Leah designs. Can be personalized.

The "Blue Floral" design has abstract blue and gold flowers and leaves floating on a background of blues, pearl and gold.

“Grapes” celebrates the four cups of wine at table with a delicate design of grape bunches and vines in golds, soft greens, and purples on a creamy golden background.

“Burning Bush” recalls the start of the Passover story with Moses in awe before God’s Holy presence at the Burning Bush on Mount Sinai. It is a colorful, bold design with bright bursts of red, gold and yellow intertwined with the twisting brown branches of a leafless bush.

  • More About the Product

    The Passover Dipping Set is a 10"round plate with a matching 3" round small shallow bowl. Choose from one of the designs listed or custom order in one of Living Art by Leah's many designs and color combinations. Each piece is signed by the artist and the set can be personalized. Tray can be displayed using a plate hanger or a plate stand. Food safe.

PriceFrom $125.00

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