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Blessing Tree Wine Coaster

Blessing Tree Wine Coaster

This 6" round coaster is the perfect size to hold your favorite bottle of wine, a kiddush cup, or to display your Living Art by Leah Blessing Bag "stones." It's also great for a small selection of cookies or candies, a votive or tea light candle, or just to place on its own on the wall or an entry or side table. A fun and colorful reminder that we are surrounded by many blessings everywhere we look.

  • More About the Product

    This wine coaster says Brachot (Blessings) in Hebrew and Many Blessings in English. Can be custom ordered with other phrases, or even your family name.

    * For a novel idea, why not custom order a three-dimensional family tree by pairing this Blessing Tree wine coaster painted with your famliy name, with the names of your family members replacing the blessings painted on the  "stones" of the blessing bag?

PriceFrom $40.00