Children's Blessing
  • Children's Blessing

    One of the most famous prayers in Judaism is the Priestly Blessing, a benediction of protection and support, traditionally chanted by the Cohanim, the ancestral priests of the Jewish people, as a prayer for every individual's welfare. Jewish Parents enjoy the custom of blessing their children on Friday nights as Shabbat begins. 
    Perfect gift for new parents or as a beautiful addition to a beloved children's or grandchildren's bedroom!
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      This item is generally available in either as an abstract blending of muted colors in "Children's Rainbow Pearl" or with a backdrop of a traditional rainbow arc. However, it can also be custom ordered in most designs offered by Living Art by Leah. Children's Blessings are available in 8" or 10" squares, or in a 12" round. Each is signed by the artist. Can be created with Hebrew/English, or English only. Can be personalized. Hang using a plate hanger or display flat or on a plate stand. Food safe.
    PriceFrom $110.00