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HaMotzi Platter

HaMotzi Platter

The prayer over bread ends with the words HaMotzi Lechem Min Ha'Aretz, blessing God for bringing forth bread from the earth. It is recited at the beginning of every meal eaten with bread, and particularly over the challah served with Friday night's festive meal as Shabbat begins. This HaMotzi platter contains those last four words of the prayer in Hebrew, and serves as a reminder of our thankfulness for the bread (food) we have to eat. Choose from several sizes, colors and designs to go with any decor.

  • More About the Product

    A word about the sizes of these platters...

    The 13x18 oval platter is large enough to hold two challah loaves which many families traditionally serve at Friday night Shabbat dinner.

    The 9x12 oval, and both 8x14 rectangular platters are large enough for one average store bought challah, but will not hold two.

    Sometimes smaller is large enough ~ The 7x11.5 rectangular tray is only large enough for a small challah or challah rolls. Do not purchase the 7x11.5 size if you intend to use it to hold a family-sized challah.

PriceFrom $110.00