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Inspiration Bag

Inspiration Bag

Inspiration Bags contain a collection of affirmations focused on wellness, health, strength, and positivity. Use them for meditation or as a gift of support for someone special.


Set of ten glass inspirational message "stones" comes in an organza bag, with one glass stone each for Healing, Strength, Faith, Serenity, Prayer, Wholeness, Intention, Courage, Patience, and Heart. Each mini work of art is signed in Hebrew by the artist.

Inspiration Bags can be paired with Blessing Bags to make a larger set (20 in total) of blessings and inspirational messages.

  • Product Details

    Inspiration Bags are hand-painted in reverse and come in a set of ten blessings on glass "Blessing Stones." Available in Hebrew/English, with Hebrew appearing on the front side and English on the back, or English Only, with the English blessing on the front side only.

    Each glass blessing is approximately 1.25" in diameter.

  • More About the Product

    Consider pairing your inspiration bag with a specially designed tray or bowl with a message of Shalom (Peace) or Many Blessings specially made to hold blessing and inspiration bag "stones." Makes a great coffee table or desktop conversation piece!


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