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Many Blessings Tray

Many Blessings Tray

This 4"x9" rectangular tray is the perfect size for displaying your Living Art by Leah Blessing Bag "stones", candies, a votive or tea light candle, or just to place on its own on the wall or an entry or side table. Available in several color choices to mix and match with blessing bags and enhance any decor.

  • More About the Product

    This 4x9 rectangular tray is offered in your choice of phrase. Select  Many Blessings in Hebrew and English, Shalom in Hebrew and Transliterated Hebrew, Shalom ~ Hebrew Only, or Shalom ~ Transliterated Only.

    Shalom Trays are also available in a variety of other shapes and sizes. See "Shalom Tray" for more choices.

PriceFrom $65.00