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Patchwork Seder Plate (Round)

Patchwork Seder Plate (Round)

This 12" round Patchwork Seder Plate has the 14 parts of the order of the Seder handwritten along the rim of the platter.  Pesach/Passover is centered on the plate surrounded by the words "Pesach, Matza and Maror" in Hebrew and transliteration. Each of the six 3" patches has the name of one Seder Plate item in Hebrew, English and transliteration. Separate plate squares encourage use of the beautiful platter throughout the entire Passover holiday.
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    Seder Plate is a 12" round platter with six 3" square serving plates. Choose from one of several designs and color combinations listed. Each piece is signed by the artist and can be personalized. Platter can be displayed using a plate hanger or a plate stand. Food safe.
PriceFrom $375.00