Prayer Within Kiddush Cup

Make a bold and beautiful statement on your Shabbat and Holiday table with the unique Prayer Within Kiddush Cup. This design is inspired by the hidden beauty found within a geode, which is plain and hard on the outside but glowing and delicate within, representing the thought that the divine and inspirational is within everything around us and is available to anyone who is willing to search for it. The Hebrew words "Baruch Atah" and "Borei Pri Hagafen" which begin and conclude the prayer over wine are visible through the inside of the glass but cannot be seen on the outside, except through the "crack" in the design on the exterior of the glass.
  • About the Product

    All Prayer Within Kiddush Cups have black Hebrew lettering and are painted in your choice of Living Art by Leah Blue Marble, Purple Marble, Copper Marble or Black Pearl designs.
  • Product Details

    Bottom of glass reads your choice of Shabbat Shalom or Shabbat v'Yom Tov (Shabbat & Holidays) in Hebrew OR English, or L'Chaim in Hebrew and Transliterated Hebrew.