Priestly Blessing

One of the most famous prayers in Judaism is the Priestly Blessing, a benediction of protection and support, traditionally chanted by the Cohanim, the ancestral priests of the Jewish people, as a prayer for every individual's welfare. Jewish Parents enjoy the custom of blessing their children with this prayer on Friday nights as Shabbat begins. A lovely, meaningful prayer to grace your home or give as a gift. Perfect for new parents, newlyweds, new home, or as a beautiful addition to a beloved children's or grandchildren's bedroom!
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    The Priestly Blessing is available in 9" and 12" rounds and 6", 8" or 10" squares, but can be ordered on other plate shapes and larger sizes. Available in Hebrew/English, Hebrew Only and English Only. However, due to size constraints, the 6" size is only available in Hebrew Only or English Only. Choose from several designs to go with any decor. Additional colors and designs available on request. Can be personalized.
PriceFrom $60.00