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Shalom Bowl - All Sizes and Shapes

Shalom Bowl - All Sizes and Shapes

All of our bowls are gracefully shaped, beautiful and versatile. Perfect on their own for condiments, fruit, candy, or even bedside for jewelry. It is also the perfect pairing piece! Pair with a Living Art by Leah platter to make a beautiful, hand painted chip and dip set to grace your home. Makes a thoughtful and versatile gift.


The message on this bowl is timeless and inspiring. Shalom. Personal and World Peace and so much more...
Used in greeting and farewell, wishing inner peace & harmony, wholeness, completeness, and fulfillment in our lives, our thoughts, and our souls.
Blessing our comings and goings...

  • About the Product

    Gifting a bowl is a unique way to wish someone well on for any occasion, a life cycle event, or just because you care about them. Perfect for graduation, new home, wedding, engagement, bar/bat mitzvah, or for a special birthday. Looks great paired with a Living Art by Leah tray or with additional bowls to nest.

  • Product Details

    A bit about the bowls...

    The shallow bowl has a great open shape that's easy and fun to use. It's also the perfect container for a Living Art by Leah Blessing Bag!

    The round bowl is a useful bowl for desserts, toppings, dips and sauces, candies, or desk supplies like paper clips. It comes in two sizes.

    The Square Bowl comes in three sizes that nest together nicely and can be made into a variety of sets. The slightly angled sides allow them to hold generous amounts for their size and the square shape adds an elegance to their appearance.

    A rounded square bowl offers a unique shape that's large enough to use as a serving dish or even hold the remote controls on your coffee table!

    The exact dimensions of all the bowls are:
    Round 4" - 8 oz, 4x4x2.125
    Round 6" - 14.2 oz, 5.75x5.75x3
    Round Shallow - 9 oz, 5.5x5.5x1.875
    Square 3" - 4.5 oz, 3.25x3.25x1.875
    Square 4" - 9.5 oz, 4.25x4.25x2.25
    Square 6" - 16.6 oz, 5.5x5.5x2.5
    Rounded Square 6" - 20.75 oz, 6.44x6.44x2.125"


PriceFrom $40.00