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Sweet Traditions Cake Plate 9"

Sweet Traditions Cake Plate 9"

The Sweet Traditions Cake Plate has a sweet border with a story to tell.. Ashkenazi and Sephardic desserts celebrate, and preserve, two great cultures of Jewish heritage.

Desserts included are Mandelbrot, kichlach, biscochos, rugelach, baklava, sufganyot, strudel, hamantashen, bobka, taiglach, rosca, honey cake, blintzes, kataifi, kugle, and reshas.


Also available in 12" round.

  • Make it your own!

    This platter can be personalized.

    Or use the custom order form and create a one-of-a-kind platter featuring your family’s favorite recipes on the border, and honoring your family’s own Sweet Traditions. Custom Sweet Traditions are only available in the 12" size.

PriceFrom $110.00

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