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Lawyer's Blessing

Lawyer's Blessing

Show love and appreciation for a beloved lawyer or legal professional in your life. Unique reverse painted prayer for legal professionals features the scales of justice and the phrases "Tzedek, tzedek tirdof ~ Justice, justice shall you pursue," and from Pirkei Avot, "Let justice well up as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream." These meaningful phrases are a beautiful expression of dedication and commitment to justice for all. Makes a perfect gift for a newly graduated legal professional, or as a heartfelt gift of appreciation.

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    Shown personalized, the Lawyer's Blessing is available in 8" or 10" square, and 9" or 12" round sizes. Each is signed by the artist. Choose from several designs to go with any decor. Available in Hebrew/English or English only. Can be personalized and/or dedicated on the back. Hang using a plate hanger or display on a plate stand. Food safe.

PriceFrom $110.00