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Woman of Valor

Woman of Valor

The Woman of Valor - Ashet Chayil is a prayer of appreciation and recognition for the good works of a righteous woman. It is a benediction, but also an acknowledgement of contribution, leadership, skill, integrity, and virtue. Traditionally chanted on Friday nights as Shabbat begins by the male head of household on behalf of his wife, this prayer has come to be bestowed upon strong, female leaders in recognition of their contributions to their organizations, synagogues, families, and the Jewish community at large.
  • More About the Product

    Woman of Valor is available in 9" or 12" round sizes or in a 10" square. Each is signed by the artist. Choose from several designs to go with any decor. Available in Hebrew/English or English only. Can be personalized. Can also include an inscription on the back. Hang using a plate hanger or display on a plate stand. Food safe.

  • New Woman of Valor Text

    The newly updated Woman of Valor includes more verses while still  drawing from the original text to honor more of the qualities found in today's women of valor in a more relevant way.

    Some photos of the older version are included with the examples to show color and design only. The text on your plate will be the newer, longer version.

PriceFrom $135.00