Pomegranate Kiddush Cup

The delicate design of the Pomegranate Kiddush Cup shows off the beautiful color of the wine within. Metallic Swirls and graceful pomegranates dance around the bowl of the cup under the Hebrew words "Baruch Atah" and "Borai Pri Hagafen" which begin and conclude the prayer over wine.
  • About the Product

    Choose Copper Pomegranate with its medley of metallic colors, or Blue Pomegranate which combines blue, burgundy, and creamy white with gold. Both look stunning when filled.
  • Product Details

    Bottom of glass reads your choice of Shabbat Shalom or Shabbat v'Yom Tov (Shabbat & Holidays) in Hebrew OR English, or L'Chaim in Hebrew and Transliterated Hebrew.